The Raintown Review Online

    The Raintown Review
is a perfect-bound, semi-annual journal. We have published the works of established and up-and-coming writers such as Dick Allen, Jared Carter, Patrick Chapman, Jehanne Dubrow, Annie Finch, Kevin Higgins, Rose Kelleh
er, Rick Mullin, Molly Peacock, Jennifer Reeser, A.E. Stallings, X.J. Kennedy, and many more.

"For some reason, I was expecting delicate. Reserved. Stuffy. Polite. But my assumptions about a journal of “metrical works, including well-rendered blank verse, sonnets of every variety, villanelles and triolets” were way off. The Raintown Review is kind of a badass. 
Edgy verse and strong opinion—fierce, even—reign supreme in this publication." ~