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Volume 7 Issue 2

From the Editor


Kit Williamson    ~    Paragraph 175
Alex Zobel    ~    Wonderful Big,    Whale Watching in Monterey
T.P. Perrin    ~    Uxmal
James S. Wilk    ~    Ugly Ol' Bitch
Rob Griffith    ~    Ponca, Arkansas
Nancy Connolly    ~    High Tide
Don Kimball    ~    Literary Perspectives,       Sea Bear
Quincy Lehr    ~    White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Michael P. McManus    ~    Wild
J.A. Kimball    ~    Survival of a Motorist
J.B. Sisson    ~    In the Golden Light
Richard Moore    ~    Spontaneity? Art? Pooh!,    From an Editor,    Diva
Lance Levens    ~    An Episcopalian Oyster Roast
Ben Berman    ~    On Detachment and Delicacies
Aaron Poochigian    ~    The Queen of France
Donald Thackrey    ~    Pa and the Misfits
David Stephenson    ~    Frankenstein
Peter Padraic O'Sullivan    ~    Slice of Life
Derek Updegraff    ~    Catullus to Varus,    Horace to Postumus
Robert B. Shaw    ~    Thresholds
Erica Dawson    ~    One Fish, Two Fish
William Jay Smith    ~    Rhetorical Question
David Berman    ~    Rain Day,    Age to Youth
Stephen Sandy    ~    Constables at Auction
Maryann Corbett    ~    After the Divorce, I Hold a Yard Sale
Moore Moran    ~    Silent Night,    When Paris Lay at Helen's Side
Greg Delanty    ~    The Addict,    Birth Notice,    Dropping Names,    At Last Poetry Makes Something Happen,    Good Company
Daniel Hoffman    ~    After Five Years
Paul Causey    ~    Alcestis
Kevin Durkin    ~    No Delight,    Eternal Reader
Barry Abrams    ~    Buber,    Listening to "Peace Piece"
Kate Bernadette Benedict    ~    Shrapnel
Sally Cook    ~    The Psychology of Silver
Norman Ball    ~    Star Crossed,    Gene Supreme
Janet Kenny    ~    Eternal Hope,    A Country Doctor,    Antal Szalai's Gypsy Band in an Australian County Town
Anne Babson    ~    Manhattan Rondel
Philip Dacey    ~    New York Postcard Sonnet #81,    Choreographing Whitman: Zac Hammer
Susan McLean    ~    Prime Movers,    Darkness
Wiley Clements    ~    Military Journalist (Sept. 16, 1950)
Stephen S. Power    ~    A Sonnet from the Portuguese Honeymoon,    The Cripple of Lepanto
Anna Evans    ~    Cressida Explains Herself,    Skipping Song
T.S. Kerrigan    ~    Lacunae,    An Aging Poet Phones on New Year's Day
Catherine Chandler    ~    A Gambler's Triolet,    Bequeathal
David Landrum    ~    To My Inconstant Lover,    Harlot
Margaret Menamin    ~    Distant Waters,    To the Virgins, to Make Much Money
Molly Peacock    ~    Faraway
Timothy Murphy    ~    Night Flight,    Lealty,    In Manuscript
Robert Crawford    ~    Luna Moth,    Traveler
Ricki Mandeville    ~    Sonnet for a Shakespearean Actor,    Our Lives as Trees,    Awaiting Spring


Anna Evans    ~    Elizabeth McFarland and Daniel Hoffman: an Influential Partnership

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