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Volume 9 Issue 1

From the Editor


Wendy Sloan ~ The Ballad of the Lower East Side                                                                           
Marybeth Rua-Larsen ~ Around Town                                                                 
Lew Watts ~ Barrida, Clandestine Calls in Morning Limousines                                                                            
Alexandra Oliver ~ The Pre-School Mothers Anticipate,  The Village Arsonist                                                                    
Rick Mullin ~ Niagara                                                                              
Lance Levens ~ The Measuring Hawk                                                                           
John Foy ~ Hook Road, Delaware River
Mark Allinson ~ Uprisings                                                                         
Michael Cantor ~ Christina's Fantasy                                                                        
Moira Egan ~ Il Letto,  Il Letto Nuziale                                                                                
Paul Stevens ~ Off the Map                                                                           
Midge Goldberg ~ Living a Block from the Ocean                                                                             
John Whitworth ~ The Pen is Mightier                                                                       
Ross Hattaway ~ Oil Tanka,  Cantankarous                                                                         
Marilyn L. Taylor ~ Inventing the Love Poets                                                                   
David M. Katz ~ Night of the Living Dead                                                                       
Dick Allen ~ To the Musicians,  The Also-Rans,                                                                              
Stephen Scaer ~ Light Box                                                                          
Caki Wilkinson ~ from The School by the Zoo: XII. Women's Studies                                                                      
Liam Duffy ~ You Sent Me Your Loose Ends                                                                             
Gail White ~ Can Venice Be Saved?                                                                            
Rose Kelleher ~ Family Trees                                                                         
Rory Waterman ~ Where Were you When...                                                                        
Richard Schiffman ~ Faith                                                                      
Maryann Corbett ~ Separation, Entrechat                                                                    
Janet Kenny ~ Dazzle,  "No"                                                                         
Jack Granath ~ The Clock                                                                       
Martin Rocek ~ Marteau                                                                          
Terese Coe ~ I,  Away                                                                             
Graham Fulton ~ Shell Collector                                                                           
Nigel Holt ~ Raqs Nash' at, Raqs Ash-Sharqi                                                                               
Mary Ann O’Gorman ~ At Thirteen                                                                
Pete Mullineaux ~ Men Knitting                                                                       
Erica Dawson ~ Tar Baby,  Five Minutes from the River                                                                         
Anne-Marie Thompson ~ Breaking into the Church                                                               
Peter Branson ~ Icon,  Hindsight                                                                           
Philip Dacey ~ Synecdoche                                                                            
Mary Meriam ~ "You pierce me with a thousand styles of kindness"                                                                         
James S. Wilk ~ On His Ex's Black Opal Necklace                                                                            
Peter Wyton ~ Pawn Promoted,  At the End of the Killing Line
Winners of the 2009 New England Shakespeare
Festival Sonnet Contest, Judged by A.M. Juster                            


Panel Discussion of The Swallow Anthology of New
American Poets, Edited by David Yezzi  
Quincy R. Lehr ~ “The New Formalism—A Postmortem”
Anna Evans, Ella Brians, Rory Waterman ~ Book Reviews