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Volume 10 Issue 1

From the Editor


Marybeth Rua-Larsen ~ Nothing in Between
Brian Culhane ~ The Accident
Karen Kelsay ~ Called Out
David Rosenthal ~ Blossoms
Ed Shacklee ~ King for a Day
Maryann Corbett ~ Phone Call, 6:00 A.M.
John Foy ~ Deer Rifle
Ernest Hilbert ~ Great White Fleet
Alexandra Oliver ~ Fearing the Stalk,  The GO Train Arithmetic Song
David Mason ~ Almost Forgiven,  Tribes
Jehanne Dubrow ~ Bad Romance
Timothy Murphy ~ Interment
Sarah Busse ~ Driving Home Through January Fog
Peter Wyton ~ Gridlock in the Heartland
Peter Kline ~ Prothalamion
Jenna Le ~ Marsyas
Patrick Chapman ~ The Boudoir Grand
Terese Coe ~ Pirate Jenny
Len Krisak ~ The Lacemaker
Kathryn Jacobs ~ Contours
David M. Katz ~ Haikoum for James Dean
Jack Granath ~ Intimate Immortalities
Kevin Cutrer ~ The Good Life
Fani Papageorgiou ~ Give Us
Amit Majmudar ~ Lesson
Bill Coyle ~ Bamyan
Lance Levens ~ Theories of Madness
Nausheen Eusuf ~ The Problem Child
Lew Watts ~ Squash
Jeff Holt ~ The Waiting Room
M.A. Schaffner ~ Carousel on the Mall
Austin MacRae ~ The Caricaturist
Cally Conan-Davis ~ "This is a Fisherman's Dream"
Robert Crawford ~ First Light
Cynthia Belmont ~ Scattering Ashes at Bootjack Camp
Eric Norris ~ The Snowman
Rick Mullin ~ From Soutine
Annie Finch ~ Separate Sphere,  Incest: In Search of Easter,  Happy,  Love Poem
Burt Myers ~ Red,  Autumn Lament
Isi Unikowski ~ Some Principles of Natural History Observed Through the Game of Backgammon
Paul Lamar ~ Relations
Nicholas Friedman ~ Inheriting the Ruin
Wendy Chin-Tanner ~ Bind
Mike Alexander ~ Autopsy, Good Friday
Arthur Brown ~ The Line of White Light

Winner of the 2010 New England Shakespeare Festival Sonnet Contest, Judged by R. Nemo Hill
Robert Crawford ~ The Numbered Stars


Quincy R. Lehr ~ Think Journal, Poetic Form, and a Sunny Afternoon I'll Never Get Back

Tom Mathews, Ayla Zachary, Anna Evans, Rory Waterman, Marybeth Rua-Larsen ~ Book Reviews