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Volume 9 Issue 2

From the Editor


Kevin Cutrer ~ Psalm
Janet Kenny ~ Obituary
David Phillips ~ Trumpet Lesson
David W. Landrum ~ Sad Mr. Kellogg
Ernest Hilbert ~ Soprano's LamentMartini Shot
Julie Kane ~ AA Story
James Norcliffe ~ trapeze
Jane McKinley ~ Bells from Salzburg
Matthew Smith ~ For the Neanderthals
A. E. Stallings ~ Capers
Kathrine Varnes ~ "How do you do a duet with someone who sucks?"
Nigel Holt ~ Shurooq
Timothy Murphy ~ Two Hands Prairie
Tony O’Dwyer ~ Awake
Lew Watts ~ Oasis Resort--Saudi Arabia
Joshua McKinney ~ The Betrayal of Christ (Caravaggio, 1602)The Names of Things
Sister Joseph De Paor ~ Vesica Piscis
Alan Garvey ~ Mechanics
Kim Roberts ~ Le Palais Ideal
Catherine Chandler ~ The Deep Season
Marybeth Rua-larsen ~ On Standing Too Close to an Impressionist Painting and Having It Turn to Dots
Pete Halliwell ~ Watching
Dan Albergotti ~ We Still Want Symmetry from Art
Terese Coe ~ Hawk
Kevin Higgins ~ God Has Put You on Hold
Don Barkin ~ At the Edge
Mike Alexander ~ The Tease
Jennifer Reeser ~ Fall of the Tudor House
Tom Mathews ~ Litany to Venus
Rose Kelleher ~ Chainmail
Wendy Sloan ~ Tipping the Whipper
Robert Donohue ~ Space Is the Place
Frank Osen ~ November Flea Market
Tiel Aisha Ansari ~ Your Karma Ran Over My Fox
R. Nemo Hill ~ Bangkok Before Dawn
Joanna Pearson ~ The Fortune-Teller
Robert Klein Engler ~ Weather Forecast
Manny Blacksher ~ "When the Catfish Is in Bloom"
Eric Norris ~ Takaaki: A Romance


Rose Kelleher ~ In Search of the General Reader
Maryann Corbett ~ Whadda Ya Mean, “Down With ‘Good Poetry’”?
Quincy R. Lehr Responds

Quincy R. Lehr, Ella Brians, Rick Mullin, Zara Raab ~ Book Reviews