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Volume 8 Issue 1

From the Editor


Mike Alexander    ~    Crazyjane & the Crack Pipe,   Drawing Blood
Patrick Chapman    ~    The Darwin Vampires,   Transmission
Robert Donohue    ~    Satan Rules!
Nigel Holt    ~    See How He Runs!
Rose Kelleher    ~    Dominance,   Submission
Chris Bullard    ~    Illusion
Tiel Aisha Ansari    ~    Funeral Home,   Faust in the Industrial Age
Philip Dacey    ~    Ghazal for a Piano Recital (Juilliard)
Fintan O'Higgins    ~    He Tries to Impress a Girl He Met on the Internet
David Rothman    ~    When Our Life
Jennifer Reeser    ~    Sonnet 22 from the Dark Lady Sonnets
Allen Tice    ~    I Sent Thee Late a Rosy Wreath
Barry Abrams    ~    Buber,   Listening to "Peace Piece"
Terese Coe    ~    Letter to Anton Chekhov
James Benton    ~    The Company You Keep,   A Nuclear Family
Diane Elayne Dees    ~    Teatime in Lewes
Paul Christian Stevens    ~    Intertextual Love Song
Mags Treanor    ~    The Husband Died
Rick Mullin    ~    Van Gogh's Hat
Nicholas Friedman    ~    Scenes from the Psychic Fair,   Sequitur
Ray Pospisil    ~    Swatting Flies,   Morning Beam
Kate Bernadette Benedict    ~    Starstruck,   What Pervades
Peter Austin    ~    Beating Boris Spasskey,   Starry Eyed
David Phillips    ~    A Palace Stood Here Once,   Boy in a Basket
Ona Gritz   ~    Sonnenizio on a Line from Molly Peacock
Mary Agner    ~    Ebb
James Wilk    ~    The Autopsy of David Tihokahana, 1947-1990, Lance Corporal, U.S.M.C.
Marybeth Rua-Larsen    ~    Ant Trap,   Story-Girl
Jared Carter    ~    Writer-in-Residence to an Early Predecessor
Steven Ray Smith    ~    The Tattooer Said
Stephen Scaer    ~    To Congress, Re: My Legacy
Wendy Sloan    ~    Dead Young Thing
Barbara Smith    ~    Stretch
Timothy Murphy    ~    High Above Oahe
Richard O'Connell    ~    American Gothic,   Adult Western
Michael Cantor    ~    Overheard at Park and Fifty-Third,   Jane
Duane Caylor    ~    Sixth Street Wharf,    Genetic Load
Justin Quinn    ~    Musilkova,   A Shrike
Robert B. Shaw    ~    Thresholds
Joseph S. Salemi    ~    Mining Accident
Alan Wickes   ~    Estuaries
Jack Granath    ~    Complaint,   Florida Sprawl
Janet Kenny    ~    Half-Life
Michael R. Burch    ~    Leaf Fall
Frank Osen    ~    Refinishing Weather,   Pacific Drift
Gail White    ~    To Jeremy Bentham
Jim Burrows  ~  Cottonwood Seeds,   Aftermath
Maryann Corbett  ~  The Birds of Ancient Battlefields Visit the Suburbs
R. Nemo Hill  ~  Oasis


Quincy R. Lehr    ~    This Is Not a Manifesto
John W. Sexton  ~  Book Reviews