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Volume 8 Issue 2

From the Editor


Michael Cantor    ~    Jump-Cut
Mike Alexander    ~    Marat
Kevin Cutrer    ~    Multiple Choice
Diane Lockward    ~    The Jesus Potato
Greg Alan Brownderville    ~    Hot Tamale Charlie Sings of a Player's Heartbreak,  Ritual to Sell Your Soul
M.B. Powell    ~    Slack Water
Deborah Diemont    ~    Gloss
Robert McNamara    ~    Visitation,  Parting Shots
Susan Millar DuMars    ~    Connie
Caitlyn Doyle    ~    A Brief History of Women's Swimwear,  Paris
Kathryn Jacobs    ~    Demolition,  Faucet Song
Jay Rubin    ~    Another New Year's Eve
April Lindner    ~    Old Guitar
Paul Bone    ~    Still Life with Basketball Hoop and May Cumulonimbus
Katie Vagnino   ~    Wunderkind
Ned Balbo    ~    Breakthrough
Maureen Gallagher    ~    The Centre of Excellence
Chris O'Carroll    ~    Skeptical Chart
Paul Christian Stevens   ~    Infection
Michael Harmon    ~    Nietzsche and the Graceful
Jee Leong Koh    ~    "I pluck my theory of winter from the violin"
Allen Tice   ~    Summation over Histories at Cerveteri
Rhina P. Espaillat    ~    "When you pursue me, world, why do you do it?",  "This that you see, this brightly-hued pretense"
Catherine Carter   ~    Men's Neckties
Joseph Saling    ~    The Writer's Wife
Timothy Murphy    ~    Ad Te Domine
Deborah Tyler Bennett    ~    Triple Portrait, Broken Beau
Jehanne Dubrow    ~    Bribes My Family Made,  Monument to a Disappeared Monument
Rick Mullin    ~    Belem
Paul Hostovsky    ~    Memory
David Landrum    ~    Schweinfurt
Kevin Higgins    ~    Without,  Seriously
Robert Klein Engler    ~    Noli-Me-Tangere
Daniel Person    ~    Leap,  The Dream of Games
Richard Epstein    ~    The Hesperides, Such as They Are
Tiel Aisha Ansari    ~    Snow and Silk
Janet Kenny    ~    Slight of Hand, High Rollers
L. M. Price   ~    Rayleigh's Scattering
James Scannell McCormick    ~    Quail
Aaron Poochigian    ~    The Stage Designer
Austin MacRae  ~  Corporal Punishment
Rose Kelleher   ~    Trumpet Vine


Quincy R. Lehr  ~   Down with "Good Poetry"
Nicholas Friedman, Fintan O'Higgins, Aifric Mac Aodha ~  Book Reviews