Multiple Choice

Baby’s toothless wonder.
Old man’s toothless gall.
The kiss that puts asunder.
The power to enthrall.
White limestone in the wall.
Black iron of the stove.
Handshake after brawl,
or all of the above.

Empty boast of thunder.
The trembling of the tall.
The good ones going under.
The bad who never fall.
This man’s heavy haul.
That man’s easy shove.
A beggar at the mall,
or all of the above.

The quiet of the hunter.
A ringing basketball.
Blue note of a blunder.
A corpse’s lilac shawl.
Hope made to stoop and crawl.
Crow feeding off the dove.
Long distances make small
all of the above.

Who speaks? Who hears the call?
Accept, or disapprove?
Which way? With Saul, or Paul,
or all of the above?

by Kevin Cutrer