Volume 12 Issue 2

From the Editor


Janet Kenny ~ Wild
Jim Burrows ~ Pictures of Borges 
James McKee ~ Crow 
Gretchen Hodgin ~ To Love: 
Colin Dodds ~ Santa Monica, California
Tiel Aisha Ansari ~ Crooked Wings
Maryann Corbett ~ Refuting Marvell 
Kevin Cutrer ~ Corner Table
Mike Alexander ~ La Giostra per Simonetta (1476)
Susan Spear ~ Fool
Rebecca Starks ~ Anniversary of Forgetting
Rick Mullin ~ Sonnets from Darwin's The Voyage of the Beagle
Kim Bridgford ~ Telling It
Nicole Caruso Garcia ~ Blood Villanelle
Tony Barnstone ~ Ways of Looking at a Vampire
Charlotte Innes ~ Descanso Drive
Athar C. Pavis ~ About the New Boss
David Hathwell ~ Hit the Deer
Hannah Hackney ~ Motel
Charles Wilkinson ~ The Lately Lodged
Catherine Chandler ~ One-way Street
Jeff Holt ~ All Fall Down
Meredith Bergmann ~ The "Buried Book"
Al Basile ~ Demand, Then Supply
Christopher Scalia ~ From the Emergency Room
Anothai Kaewkaen ~ Love Scenes from Thai Literature
Malinda Miller ~ When She Speaks
Anton Yakovlev ~ Home Movie
David M. Katz ~ Schumpeter's Dynamo
Anna Lena Phillips ~ Trifoliate Orange
John Timpane ~ Ethereal
Michael Cantor ~ Haibun
Jane Blanchard ~ Amen
Robert Donohue ~ Mysteries
Elisabeth McKetta ~ Basic Anthropology: How Words Are Born
G.M. Palmer ~ Sonnet for Detroit
Jeff Runyon ~ The Back
Jean L. Kreiling ~ I Love to See That Evening Sun Go Down
Peter Weitner ~ My Mother in Her Dotage and the Kindness of the Lord
Ryan Wilson ~ Pike County, 1980s, Evening
Roy Bentley ~ Burying the Japanese and American Dead
Wendy Sloan ~ Thanatos


Judith Pulman ~ “The Elegy Unmasked: Four Modern Comic Elegists Struggle with Their Dead, Their Narcissism, and Their Tradition” 

Book Reviews

Alien vs. Predator ~Nice Weather ~ The Republic of Virtue ~ Grace: The Adventures of Ibn Opcit and Opcit at LargeDirge for an Imaginary World ~ Tonight the Summer’s Over ~ Turn