Meanwhile, on Page A4

In other news: Nigeria. I wonder
how many kidnapped schoolgirls have become 
pregnant while the politicians blunder.
Seven weeks have passed now. Surely some.

In other news, from India: a pair
adorns a mango tree. Two cousins dangle— 
gang-raped, strangled. Anger. Grief. Despair. 
(Policemen play the “boyish mischief” angle.)

In other news, from Pakistan: we hear
that honor killing sentences are light.
Eight hundred women murdered every year. 
Male relatives insist this rite’s their right.

In other news... well, little of it’s news.
It's déjà vu–we hear this tale each day:                                         
a myth of maleness, mangled to confuse
strength with violence. Not news. Cliché.       

by Julie Stoner